Monday, 17 March 2014

Abel & Cole

I don't really do New Year's resolutions.

I never seem to keep them, and they're always thought up in an abitrary way on NYE after a few too many cocktails when someone asks me for them. I also don't do Lent, not being religious, and not having the requisite willpower to give anything up for no reason.

But summer is fast approaching and one glance down at my sun-deprived, wobbly body (who wants to go for a morning run in January darkness or February rain?), while suffering a cataclysmic two-day hangover, showed I should maybe think about sorting my life out.

I'm bored of going to the supermarket every night for near sell-by, overpriced veg imported from Kenya, so me and T decided to sign up for Abel & Cole's small (two-person) weekly box.

I love post and I love posh things – this encapsulates both. Getting home on Tuesday to find a delicious box full of good for me, organic veg on my doorstep was frankly ace, and they even send you a free cookbook with your first one.

(I love cookbooks – they're just so pretty, with amazing typography and pics. They even smell nice. I'd love to produce one. Just me?)

I think it's slightly more than we'd usually spend purely on veg per week (£10.50, plus 99p delivery and an extra item to make it up to the minimum spend of £12.50 – we chose eggs) but we've vowed to eat less meat to make up the shortfall, which is something I've been intending to do anyway. I always need something to force my arm. And we're both convinced it tastes better than usual – wishful thinking? Who knows. Anyway, I'm pleased so far. Tonight we're having sausage casserole with mash from their delish potatoes, broccoli and courgettes. And I had salad for lunch. Yum.

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