Monday, 17 March 2014

Family Kersh do London – part 1

It was my brilliant little sister's birthday on Saturday.

Ain't she pretty?

She and her fiancé packed their bags, jumped in the car and scooted up to London for the weekend. My brother and other sister (who lives in London) joined me and T in celebrating her birthday in the Big Smoke.

We decided to be tourists for the day, so we caught the Thames Clipper from Vauxhall to Bankside. It's a great way to see the sights from the river without getting ripped off (tickets are £5.80/£4.30 with an Oyster travelcard). What a way to travel to work! I wouldn't mind boarding this boat every day and feeling the wind on my face, rather than having to stand under a stranger's chin on a sweaty tube most mornings.

After disembarking, we decided to pick up a picnic lunch and sit in the (amazing!) March sunshine outside the Tate Modern. I'm never sure what I think of the Tate as a building, but the patch of Southbank in front of it sure is a nice place to eat, chat and while away a sunny afternoon.

With street entertainers blowing bubbles through the trees and the sun on our backs, the riverside felt vibrant, happy and full of life. A great side of London to show guests, even if it's not ideal when you're trying to get across the Millennium Bridge to run errands of a Tuesday lunchtime.

As it hit 4pm we decided maybe it was time to start the birthday celebrations, so headed over the River to The Hospital Club for a wine on their sunny terrace.

We waited until the sun dipped behind the buildings before heading home to change and hit the town for a night of burger scoffing, spiked milkshake drinking and dancing to old-school R&B. 

What a great way to kick off spring with family and friends.

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