Monday, 17 March 2014

Family Kersh do London – part 2

What do north Londoners do on a sunny Sunday? Go to the pub for a roast, of course!

There's such a wealth of amazing pubs in my pretty little corner of London, but we decided to go to an old fave, The Bull. They never disappoint.

We whetted our appetites with a stroll through Waterlow Park, where the blossoms are suddenly in bloom. I love blossom with a passion - ridiculously pretty, delicate and short-lived, it always signals the coming of sunny days and looks amazing silhouetted against a bright blue spring sky.

I love this twisted fig tree that grows across the path. Such a rebel.

This wall, which edges the gardens of Lauderdale House, is my favourite wall. Is it weird to have a favourite wall? Well, I do. I love the ancient, wonky walls and kitchen gardens of old houses – I think it's down to a childhood obsession with Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden.

Then it was time for food, and lots of it. I love nothing better than getting a big group of friends and family together for some decent grub - I think it's what Sundays are really for. That, and reading a good book with a proper coffee, then watching murder mysteries on TV in the evening, of course.

The sea bream with crushed new potatoes tempted me away from my intended pile of roast beef, an it was totally worth it. Just look at that!

It was too sunny to stay indoors for long, though, so we headed back to the park for a coffee on the grass, before wandering home, full and happy.

Hello, sunshine - please stay awhile. London loves you.

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