Monday, 31 March 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day is such a great excuse to treat your wonderful mum and gran... to your presence. In the grand tradition, my sister (#2), brother and I descended on my parents' house in Herefordshire, which is my absolute favourite place to be.

Can you blame me? 

Alice was pretty excited too. 

After giving over our pressies and flowers, we went to visit the chickens and collect the eggs. Despite my being 28, this never gets old. There's something about being at my parents' that turns back the clocks and even the littlest things are exciting again. It's a great antidote to London's cynicism.

Aren't their fluffy trousers adorable? This is Yvette, she's a babe. 
All my parents' chickens are named after female politicians with a twist - Angelayer Merkel is the leader, then there's Yvette Coop, Eggwina Currie and Theresa Lay. It's a wonder I grew up anywhere near normal. 

She and her mates are pretty handy when you want an omelette, too. 

This is Yorick - my parents dug him up in the garden. Don't worry, he's not real - he's pretty realistic though!

But the biggest babes at home are these guys, my 'Dire Wolf' Connor and 'Faithful Hound' Frankie. They're both rescue dogs and are my absolute faves. And our neighbours? These guys! 

I don't know their names but I might make some up. 

One of the best things about being in the middle of nowhere are the super-bright stars and strange, other-worldly animal sounds that happen when the sun goes down. The best way to enjoy them? With a glass of red next to the chiminea.

The next morning, I woke up ridiculously late (can anyone else handle the clocks going forward?).

After a restorative coffee while enjoying the view, it was time to get cooking because if there's one day a mother should get to put her feet up with a glass of something frosty, it's Mother's Day. 
I did a full roast for six people, in an Aga. Pretty proud, TBH. 

Before and after. I adore roast chicken, but I think having your legs trussed up while someone shoves onions and lemons up your bum is a pretty crap afterlife. 

Gluten-free yorkshires made with my pancake recipe. Not my best attempt, it has to be said, but unfamiliar ovens and all that. 


And Alice's creme brulees for afters. Deeeeelish. 

Happy Mother's Day, mum! You're a legend. 


  1. Everything about this is so perfect! A proper dream. Argh.. my kingdom for a country life! X

    1. Haha, thanks, I know! Most. Restorative. Place. Ever x

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