Sunday, 18 May 2014

Baa Ram Ewe

The family smallholding is definitely growing. 
My parents used to have just one dog - now they have two dogs, four chickens and... five sheep. 

Mimi, Violetta, Lucia, Aida and Carmen are Ryelands, a local Herefordshire breed. They have the most amazing smily faces and fluffy wool, and are really friendly.

I'm in love.

I went home to help mum and dad collect the new arrivals and bring them home to the orchard. They're still slightly timid, but we think they'll love their new lush, grassy home (even if they're not fans of the two slavering hounds patrolling the electric fence day and night – we'll work on that). I can't wait 'til they're tame enough to be petted, and am even more excited about the prospect of lambs next spring! I spent most of the afternoon singing the 'Baa Ram Ewe' poem from Babe at them – trying to gain their trust, you understand. 

While I was country bound, mum and I pulled on our wellies and tramped down the lane to the nearby care farm where mum volunteers. They were having a sponsored ride for charity, and we popped over for a cup of tea. 

The horses were in fine fettle (although only wanted their photos taken from behind, apparently - they were very skittish from the front). It's based on the totally beautiful Whitbourne Hall estate, and I think the farm is one of the most idyllic places I've been in a long time!

See?! There's even a duckpond!
These ladies were so keen to see us, they lined up all in a row. 

The garden is looking pretty great at the moment too, and it's all gearing up for a hot summer. I think I'm going to have to find as many spare weekends as possible to go back and enjoy all this! 

Happy little country mouse right here.

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