Monday, 18 August 2014

Waves, waterfalls and sunsets on Wales's west coast

Every year, my family all gang together and go on holiday somewhere in the UK. It usually involves a large rented house, lots of dogs, wine boxes and bad weather. This year, it involved all of those minus the weather, which was unexpectedly lovely.

We usually go to Cornwall or Devon – AKA my favourite places in the whole world – but this year we decided to try something different and headed to Wales's west coast – Tresaith to be precise.

Despite it taking forever to get to from London, this turned out to be an excellent decision. It's just as beautiful and rugged as the West Country but quieter and calmer. Plus, from the vantage point of the gorgeous Ship Inn, with a bowl of wine in my hand, I saw some of the best sunsets I've ever seen in my life – that even includes the sunset over the Mekong Delta and the huge orb going down behind the horizon on Ibiza. Saying something.

As well as the sunset, we ate seafood treats and ice cream in local towns like New Quay, took boat trips out to spot dolphins and seals, visited castles and spent a lot of time paddling in the beautiful British sea.

Here are a few choice snaps from a wonderful week of relaxing, reading and – of course – drinking. The perfect family holiday – here's to next year!

Doggy nephews – labrador Dexter and teckel (working dachshund) Simon The Sausage Dog. 

Family chilling on the massive deck – seriously, it was like a pub garden. We stayed at Bryn Berwyn and it is HUGE, like a hotel. It swamped even my family, but was lovely. 

This was Tresaith beach in the very early morning on a blustery day.

And round the headland? A waterfall! Magical. 

A mum, a sis and a bro, beach combing.

We visited New Quay, which was super-cute. 

If you look closely in the pic below, you can just spot a dolphin! First one I'd seen in the wild, ever. Apparently the bay is swimming with them, but they were being quite shy that day. 

This guy sat on the front of the boat and stared indignantly in the whole way round. Inquisitive seagulls are so funny.  New Quay Boat Trips were great – lovely hosts and not too pricey – I think we paid £8 each. 

Cockles! Bloody love them. 

And my nan, aka Non - bloody love her, too. 

These curious little fellas tried to polish off our chips. 

Our first sunset viewed from The Ship Inn – taste of things to come. (Slightly wonky horizon line – sorry, their wine does come in rather large glasses.)

We took a walk over the cliff to a deserted beach. 

The dogs were pretty happy about this! 

Sunset as viewed from the deck. Seriously, this looks like Kenya or something – unbelievable that this is actually rainy old Wales, but it's true. 

We visited a cute little castle and put Joe in the stocks. Best place for him. 

Giant chess!

There were dolphins and seals popping their heads up all night in the bay. We sat there as it turned from sunshine to sunset and sunk a few of these…

The sky did this amazing rainbow thing at one point. 


The next day, we visited my nan's old haunt, the very civilised Aberaeron. The buildings are all painted in the cutest pastel colours and you can eat (rather odd) honey ice-cream. 

#FWIS – natch. 

And the holiday ended in the same spectacular style. The skies were so pretty, I just couldn't stop taking photos! 


  1. Wow, there are some really incredible and atmospheric photos here! I've never actually been to Wales but as I grew up by the sea in Kent, my family has never gone anywhere else coastal for holidays, we tend to go to the mountains instead. If you want sea, sand and (maybe) sun closer to London, the sunsets over Margate are gorgeous and the little coastal towns are worth a weekend visit :) xxx
    Lucy : La Lingua Italy

    1. Oooh thanks for the tip! I would love to visit Kent, I grew up in the west so never really went south east until I lived down here. I have Whitstable, Margate and Broadstairs on my list – any other recommendations? x

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