Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A West-East London birthday

This is quite a ridiculously late post, since Alice's birthday is actually in May, but never mind. As I keep telling myself, I have been very busy. Anyway, could one imagine a more beautiful little sis? 

No. No, one could not. 25 years young, too. 

My fam came down to visit us in LDN and we mixed it up with a visit to Westminster Abbey (in which you are not allowed to take photos. So annoying. My favourite part were the graves of/monuments to the authors – be still my bookworm heart). 

There they all are! Posers. Sorry about my brother's nearly-swears, there.

Later, we headed over Alice's way (east) for some drinks and dinner at Smith's of Smithfield. 

The family all posed very nicely for my camera. 

I, on the other hand, dicked about like an idiot doing 'filmstar' poses. 

To be honest, the food was nothing much to write home about. Bit bland, bit overpriced, bit slow to arrive. I doubt I'd go back. 

But the cocktails were nice - I skipped pud in favour of an espresso martini (they did several variations too, with different liquers). 

The next day, however, the food outlook was much better. We headed to Brick Lane and ate street food from the vans at the Old Truman Brewery. I had pulled pork and baked beans from the cutest van called Caboose and it was properly gorgeous. I would definitely go back there! 

(Sorry for the slightly strangely composed pictures - they were not taken by me, since I was queuing to pay. My mum is not famous for her photography skills, but we love her dearly anyway). 

Then we poked around the Brick Lane markets and little vintagey shops. Dad very seriously considered these £7 shirts, but decided against. 

He looks good in hats though! 

Artisan coffee served from a black cab. So meta-hipster-London.

All in all, a sweet little weekend in London town! Happy birthday, Ale-ster, even if it is four months too late. 

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