Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A long absence

Hi there – it's been a while!

Due to a number of things – a busy new job, a house move and the DIY that comes with it, a diamond ring (!) and the death of a beloved grandparent – I've been away from this space for six months.

During that time I've had trips away (Berlin twice and, um, Ramsgate), attended two weddings and a funeral, seen our sheep get pregnant (due at Easter) and half planned a wedding. It's been a bit of a whirlwind!

I have a few retrospective photo-dump posts coming up but for now, I'm glad spring is here. I'm usually a major autumn girl, and the period from 1 Sept until Christmas is pretty much my fave. But after a traumatic start to the year it feels nice to have sunshine on my face, lighter evenings, the scent of cut grass and blossom in the air and snowdrops and crocuses in the ground.

(P.s. I also got a new camera, a Sony Cybershot - it gives almost the same quality as my Eos but is so much more portable so I'm hoping to be able to take it more places and photograph more (like these snaps from Waterloo bridge the other night at the WOW Festival). Sorry about that…)

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